Fotografia del vino Marqués de Irún Roble
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Marqués de Irún Roble

The Complexity of a Fine Wine

Winemaking Process: Fermentation of the destemmed grapes in temperature-controlled vats which never go over 28º C. Kept in the vats for 34 days between alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Crio-maceration prior to the fermentation for 4 days.

Aging: Immediately after the malolactic stage, it remains in French oak barrels for 7 months, with a 50% annual top up. It ages in the bottle for at least 3 months.

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100% Tempranillo
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7 Months

Sensory Analysis

Colour: Intense purple hue.

Bouquet: Seductive nose with mature black berries.

Taste: Concentrated on the palate with lots of fruit on a vanilla base.

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