Fotografia del vino Viña Tejera
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Viña Tejera

The freshness of Rueda

Winemaking process: Pre-fermentation maceration at low temperature for 6 hours in order to bring out the grape’s primary aromas; followed by pressing and filtration. The fermentation is done with selected yeasts which strengthen the Verdejo’s tropical aroma. After fermentation come the clarification and stabilization processes, followed by the bottling.

Excellent to drink with: Fish, rice dishes & shellfish.

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100% Verdejo

Sensory Analysis

Colour: Lemon yellow with greenish tones and pistachio coloured iridescence. Over time this will mellow to a pale straw yellow.

Bouquet: Mature tropical fruit aromas dominate over a base of hay and citric fruits. The complexity will grow when bottles are laid down.

Taste: Medium body, fresh, very fruity and delicate. Its delicate acidity will over time become a rounder, more complex palate.

Grupo Caballero