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Fotografia del vino Marqués de Irún Verdejo
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Marqués de Irún Verdejo

The Wine of Rueda

Winemaking Process: After a cold maceration at 8ºC with the destemmed grape, the fermentation begins, going no hotter than 18ºC. With the aim of achieving a wine with better aromatic quality, its fermentation is controlled and slow.

The smoothness contributed by working with its lees gives this wine the balance in the mouth. This makes it an unusual, very pleasant wine.

Excellent to drink with: Rice dishes, shellfish and fish.

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100% Verdejo

Sensory Analysis

Colour: Straw with greenish hints.

Bouquet: Intense, white fruit, with citrics and tropical notes.

Taste: Fresh, velvety, full-tasting. Good acidity.

Grupo Caballero