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Winemaking process

Grapes are harvested when they are just the right point of madurity, an important facto for winemaking. The harvesting takes place at night getting the grapes enter the cellar at 10 - 15 ºC and avoid the oxidation of the musts.

This white wine classified as Rueda Superior, is produced 100% from the autochtonous varietal Verdejo. After the harvest, the grapes are destmmed and macerated at 8 ºC. Following the maceration, grapes on though a 23-day fermentation process under controlled temperature. This slow and exhaustive process ensures the high quality of this wine.

As result we obtain a wine pale straw yellow in colour with greenish tones. Intense aromas of tropical fruits. Fresh fruity and dry on the palate with a well balanced acidity and firm structure.
Grupo Caballero