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Rueda Variety

Varieties - Rueda Verdejo

Rueda Verdejo

The Verdejo grape has been native to the Rueda Designation of Origin for centuries. It is believed that its origin may go back to the reign of Alfonso VI (XI century). In this period the Duero basin was repopulated with Cantabrians, Basques and Mozarabs; it was the last group who most probably brought the Verdejo varietal to Spain.

The smell and taste of Verdejo have grassy notes, from the lowlands, with fruity touches and excellent acidity. The extract, a personality factor in great white wines, is perceptible by its volume and its characteristically bitter note that projects on the mouth a sparkle of originality, accompanied by a large fruity expressiveness. The wines are a very harmonious fusion, with an aftertaste that invites one to continue drinking.
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